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Hello U-Pickers!

U-Pick Tart Cherries are Starting Wednesday July 1st.  We will not have a lot of tart cherries on our trees, but will have plenty available pre-picked.  The price for the tart cherries will be $1.75 a Pound, pitting is included in this price.  If you purchase your cherries from another farm the price for pitting will be .30 cents a Pound.  If you are having your cherries pitted please bring a container to take them home in.  If you would like a large quantity of Tart Cherries Pre-Picked please call ahead to place your order.

Also available for U-pick are Black And Red Raspberries for $2.50 a pound.  We will have Blackberries available for U-pick around the 5th of July.  

For Sale at our Fruit Stand

Sweet Cherries $2.50 a Pint, Blueberries $3.00 a Pint

Red Rasp. & Black Rasp. $4.00 a Pint or $40.00 a Flat (12 pints)

Also Available: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Cabbage, beets, Green Beans & Honey

Cold Pop & Water for $1.00

We will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily

On the 4th of July we will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are located at 8249 Deans Hill Road, Berrien Center, MI 49102

Call 269-461-4125 if you have questions


 Also Available at our farm is Frozen Fruit.  If you would like to purchase frozen fruit please call ahead and place an order.  269-461-4125 ask for Joy

5 Lb. bag of Black Raspberries - $35.00

5 Lb. bag of Red Raspberries - $30.00

5 Lb. bag of Rhubarb - $25.00

5 Lb. bag of Tart Cherries - $30.00

5 Lb. bag of Blueberries - $30.00

5 Lb. bag of Sliced Peaches - $30.00

5 Lb. bag of Strawberries - $25.00

5 Lb. bag of Sweet Cherries  - $30.00

1 Qt. of Cherry Juice Concentrate - $25.00

NOTE:  These prices are for pick up at the farm only.  All of the above items can also be ordered online at www.frankfarms.com, the prices will be a little bit higher to compensate for packaging.




8249 Deans Hill Road, Berrien Center, MI 49102