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Black RaspberriesFrozen Black Raspberries

The†Black Raspberries are Packaged IQF (individually Quick Froze) in 5 Lb. bags and are $8.00 a pound or $40.00 a bag.† The Black Raspberries have many uses; they have been used to make wine, jams, jellies, pies and even†black raspberry topping sauce.†The black raspberries are available all year long.

In addition to the phenomenal taste and color of the Black Raspberries they also have a lot of nutritional value. This berry is shown to have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of both fruits and vegetables. Black Raspberries have a very high content of anthocyanins, which attributes to the characteristics of antioxidants in the Black Raspberries. Researchers are currently linking anthocyanin activity to improving vision, controlling diabetes, improving circulation, preventing cancer, and retarding the effects of aging, particularly loss of memory and motor skills.

Frozen Black Raspberries $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! 5 Lb. bag of Fresh Frozen Black Raspberries. NO sugar or water added. Each 5 Lb. bag of Raspberries is packaged in itís own styrofoam container with a gel ice pack and then placed in a cardboard box for shipping. When ordering keep in mind that if you want the black raspberries to arrive frozen you need to choose Overnight shipping. If you choose another shipping option the black raspberries will thaw some, but can be re-froze when you receive them.

New research strongly suggests that a mix of preventative agents, such as those found in black raspberries, may more effectively inhibit cancer development than single agents aimed at shutting down a particular gene.



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